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Animas® delivers integrative and psychologically-grounded coaching courses for new and established coaches who want to take their skill to a deeper level. A ground-breaking company that are literally shaping the future of coaching philosophy, practice and impact through events and online discussions worldwide.


Animas wanted to build brand awareness, drive users to sign up to their free introductory day and take direct bookings for their high-end coaching courses. Bringing together search, display, remarketing and social, we embarked on a quest to build and optimise high performance, cross-channel marketing campaigns.




Animas already possessed well-established search campaigns, so we conducted deep analysis to uncover potential opportunities. As is so often the case with clients, we decided that considerable restructuring was required to improve performance and set the foundations for future expansion and optimisation. Taking advantage of existing conversion data, we created Alpha / Beta campaigns with a highly granular structure. New expanded text ads were created across the board. This new structure coupled with extensive optimisation work reduced our client’s CPA by a massive 55%.


After investigating the time lag report in Google Analytics, we discovered that only 58% of users converted within one day. This highlighted the importance of remarketing and keeping Animas top-of-mind during this critical decision making period. Tapping into potential clients’ emotional triggers, we tested multiple ad messaging and audience variations. Over time it became obvious which combinations of imagery and messaging appealed most to Animas’s target audiences. The remarketing campaign proved to be an absolute success, driving conversions below our CPA target. Additionally, view through conversions expanded the reach of our client’s overall marketing efforts, supporting brand awareness and direct conversions.


Within a mere 30 days, we delivered the following,

36%Increase in CTR

32%decrease in CPC

85%Increase in Conversions

41%decrease in CPA

Nick Bolton Animas

The team at Upraw are magician's. Although nothing in marketing can ever be simplified to just one thing, they are so good at pay per click advertising, and their impact on my business so profound, that it sometimes feels I can put the rapid growth in my business solely down to their work.

I struggled for years with both internal staff and outsourced (supposed) experts to utilise AdWords but had never mastered it and we wasted considerable money for a return that I knew not to be good enough.  Upraw took our account, ripped it apart and started again and the results have been remarkable.  I can't recommend them highly enough.  But just don't steal all their time away from me!

Nick Bolton. Founder & CEO at Animas 3rd May 2017


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