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Netigate® is the leading European provider of cloud-based services for online surveys. With over 2,500 clients in 40 countries and 35,000+ active users, Netigate helps organisations gain valuable insights, make better decisions and improve processes. Their client base includes Electrolux, Ericsson, Vodafone, E.ON and Deloitte.


Netigate’s PPC campaigns target 60 countries in 4 different languages. Utilising search, display and remarketing we were tasked to increase our client’s lead volumes whilst decreasing the campaign’s overall CPA.



An analysis of Netigate’s existing campaigns made our mission crystal clear. We needed to completely restructure the accounts and take a brand new approach.


We adopted an Alpha / Beta campaign structure which allowed us to separate top performing keywords into dedicated campaigns and ad groups. Beta campaigns housed and tested broader search queries, which provided a systematic approach to campaign expansion and optimisation. The new granular structure instantly lowered the client’s CPA and boosted conversion volume.


Previous display campaigns had seriously underperformed, but did not go to waste. We took the existing data and recycled it to launch a number of tests. We began with focused contextual based targeting and then expanded into audiences and topics. Testing different targeting layers, we quickly established effective combinations and ramped-up performance. Interacting with users higher-up the funnel granted us the capacity to expand overall lead volume and fuel remarketing expansion.


Through our search and display strategies, we were able to touch users at varying stages of the funnel. So it was critical we re-engaged as many users as possible. How did we do it? By segmenting them into highly relevant buckets. Tailored display ads were triggered depending on the length of time since the user’s last visit and also the pages they had viewed. Initially pushing for a free trial, and then moving to a softer approach as time passed. This worked tremendously well and achieved considerably higher than average CTR and engagement levels.


Within just 2 months of taking over the account, we scored the following results:

51%Increase in CTR

24%decrease in CPC

124%Increase in Conversions

24%decrease in CPA

Netigate doubled their paid search media spend and we’re happy to call them long-term clients as we continue to expand and optimise their campaigns today.

Nick Bolton Animas

The team at Upraw are magician's. Although nothing in marketing can ever be simplified to just one thing, they are so good at pay per click advertising, and their impact on my business so profound, that it sometimes feels I can put the rapid growth in my business solely down to their work.

I struggled for years with both internal staff and outsourced (supposed) experts to utilise AdWords but had never mastered it and we wasted considerable money for a return that I knew not to be good enough.  Upraw took our account, ripped it apart and started again and the results have been remarkable.  I can't recommend them highly enough.  But just don't steal all their time away from me!

Nick Bolton. Founder & CEO at Animas 3rd May 2017


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