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Urban Body Jewelery

Urban Body Jewelry® is one the largest online retailers for body jewelry in the US, offering tens of thousands of products online. Since launching in 2009, UBJ has gone from strength to strength with their alternative jewelry designs and dedication to exceptional customer service.


Our objectives were clear-cut: a focus on revenue generation, brand awareness and improved customer lifetime value by applying cross-channel campaigns. Our investigation into revenue models drove the decision to adopt an ROI optimisation approach.




Google Shopping campaigns became our first priority as we saw massive potential to enhance performance. An analysis of the existing data feed uncovered a number of areas for improvement. Working closely with our client, we pinpointed holes in product attributes and identifiers. After plugging these holes, we conducted extensive optimisation of product titles and descriptions which elevated the overall quality of the data feed.

With a new revitalised feed in hand, we created a granular shopping structure. Including dedicated top performer campaigns and custom bids based on past performance data. Extensive negative keyword lists were also developed to combat wasted spend.

We gained a higher level of control into product performance through a dedicated shopping bid management platform. ROI bid management coupled with our intelligent data feed improvements boosted performance significantly.


The Urban Body Jewelry site contains extensive product inventory so it was critical our search efforts catered for this. We quickly scaled up search campaigns by rebuilding and organising them into highly granular ad groups. After considerable optimisation work, we improved CTR and quality scores, which drove down CPC’s in a very short period of time.

To fuel expansion broad match RLSA campaigns were created. This offered a safer way forward toward search expansion as only past website visitors were exposed to broader keyword targeting. The same remarketing audiences were also added as exclusions from the existing campaigns, thereby eliminating cross-cannibalisation. Utilising a discount code, we targeted users who did not convert during their initial visit. RSLA campaigns boosted overall conversions by 12% and provided many new keyword variations for the non-RLSA campaigns.


Many audience segmentations were created in Google Analytics so that we could fine tune performance. We found that non-convertors who added products to their basket engaged best with remarketing ads. Returning visitors, checkout abandoners, and highly engaged users provided additional direct and view-through conversions.


Custom audiences and remarketing campaigns were set up to re-engage existing customers and past website visitors. Offering a time-based incentive delivered the highest engagement levels and ROI.


Within just 2 months of taking over the account, we scored the following results:

97%Increase in CTR

27%decrease in CPC

196%Increase in Conversions

32%decrease in CPA

Nick Bolton Animas

The team at Upraw are magician's. Although nothing in marketing can ever be simplified to just one thing, they are so good at pay per click advertising, and their impact on my business so profound, that it sometimes feels I can put the rapid growth in my business solely down to their work.

I struggled for years with both internal staff and outsourced (supposed) experts to utilise AdWords but had never mastered it and we wasted considerable money for a return that I knew not to be good enough.  Upraw took our account, ripped it apart and started again and the results have been remarkable.  I can't recommend them highly enough.  But just don't steal all their time away from me!

Nick Bolton. Founder & CEO at Animas 3rd May 2017


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