Our preferred and most popular pricing model, widely used within the PPC industry.

The Nuts & Bolts

In this pricing option, the actual percentage we charge is based on two factors:

  1. The complexity of the campaigns.
  2. And, your monthly media spend.

As your monthly spend increases, the percentage fee decreases. Simply put, the more you spend the lower the percentage fee.

The Benefits

There is a misperception amongst our industry that Percentage of Spend models do not align the client and the agency’s interests because there’s a commission on how much of your money we spend. It implies that we will increase the spend simply to drive higher fees.

To set facts straight and your mind at ease, at Upraw, our clients set the budget. Which means we can’t actually increase your spend unless we first provide evidence that it will provide a tangible benefit. Even if we did, we see this methodology as a negatively geared, short-sighted approach. We value long-term revenue and long-term business. That’s why we don’t increase spending “just because”. Instead, we ensure that any uplift is reflected in your bottom line business goals. Exactly where our clients like to see it.

The additional benefit of a Percentage of Spend model is that we are always incentivised to expand the reach and performance of your campaigns. Ultimately, leading to growth on both sides of the fence. A win-win for one and for all.


An alternative pricing model to suit your differing needs

The Nuts & Bolts

In this pricing model, our fee is determined by the complexity of the campaigns and is also attached to a spend bracket.

For example, your media budget could be £10,000 per month and we set a management fee of £1,500. As long as the media spend is between £8,000 & £12,000 the fee is fixed. Any fluctuations outside of this bracket and the fee is either increased or decreased accordingly. Simple.

The Benefits

As you can see, the Flat Fee pricing model is loosely based on our Percentage of Spend model. The differing benefit? It offers some clients greater control, so they can budget accordingly.


No success, no fees, no excuses.

We live and die by accountability. It’s up to us to set your expectations from the beginning and then consistently meet or exceed them right until the end.

Many agencies commit their clients into 6,12 or 24 month agreements as standard. But we don’t believe in committing our clients into long-term contracts.

Instead, our clients enjoy the freedom and flexibility of simply giving us 30 days’ notice to cancel their contract at any time.


What’s yours is yours.

Our clients retain full ownership of all their campaigns, including landing pages, web assets, ad creatives and data. So you can rest assured that you’ll have full control and possession of your own campaigns.

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