Get stronger results with website analytics solutions that help you transform customer insights into real gains.

Marketing measurement has never been more important. A proliferation of customer touch points, each with their own unique kind of interaction data and optimisation approaches, has led to a mass of information. Combined with a range of digital devices, website analytics tools play a vital role by helping us inform decisions on things like audience targeting, campaign optimisation and conversion rate optimisation.

At Upraw, we use website analytics platforms like Google Analytics to tie campaign performance to business results. Demonstrating the bottom line value of our campaigns is crucial. In order to do this effectively, we integrate a set of website analytics and measurement tools that support our marketing efforts, increase performance and reduce costs. By focusing on bottom line business goals, we can more effectively allocate campaign spend on the most impactful channels, save you money and identify opportunities.

With our well-integrated marketing analytics tools, we can communicate the true results of our efforts and prove the value of everything we do.

95% of leading marketers agree that to “truly matter”, marketing analytics' KPIs must be tied to broader business goals." - Google.


All our in-house staff are Google Analytics Qualified consultants. Google Analytics is relatively simple to use for beginners but extremely powerful in the hands of an expert. We’re able to take your Google Analytics configuration and reporting to the next level so that you get the best out of your data.




Whether you already have an existing Google Analytics account or you need assistance with a new configuration, we can help you. Firstly, we assess what data is required. Once we understand this we create an implementation strategy that delivers meaningful and accurate data. Having the right foundations in place with your data analytics tools ensures we make data-driven decisions that moves us closer to your bottom line business goals.

We will ascertain which advanced features you require, whether it be enhanced ecommerce tracking, custom dimensions or funnel visualisation. Every client’s requirements are unique which is reflected in our configuration strategy.



GTM makes your life easier by simplifying the process of adding JavaScript snippets to your website. No longer will you require a developer to add each tracking tag to your site, instead we can use the GTM interface to decide what needs to fire, on what page and with what action. GTM then adds the appropriate tracking to your site to make sure it all works. With the integration of GTM we can streamline the entire tracking process for you, cutting down on development time.



Understanding user interaction points and how they work holistically is the key to campaign optimisation. We clearly define the website interaction points that matter most to your business and help drive customers towards your bottom line goals. With clearly defined and well-structured goals, we can truly understand how each marketing channel assists in the client journey and accurately report on the success of your campaigns.



Your customers can interact with your business in many different ways. But understanding how these various channels work together to create sales and conversions is absolutely critical. For example, a customer could find your site by clicking one of your AdWords ads. She returns one week later by clicking over from a social network. That same day, she comes back a third time via one of your email campaigns, and a few hours later, she returns again directly and makes a purchase.

An attribution model is the rule, or set of rules, that determines how credit for sales and conversions is assigned to different channels. For example, the Last Interaction model (the default used in Google Analytics) assigns 100% credit to the final touchpoint. There are many attribution models available, which can be confusing but selecting the most suited model will ensure all your marketing efforts receive the credit they deserve and work together holistically to maximise performance. Through an in depth understanding of your business, we will select a model which best suits your business.



Now that you have accurate data and clearly defined goals, we can bring everything together with reports that align with your business objectives. Using custom dashboards and data visualisation techniques we are able to benchmark success and report against the things that matter most.



Find out precisely what is driving phone calls to your business and link sales directly to PPC, organic, social, mobile and offline marketing campaigns. We can even integrate call tracking with Google Analytics and track phone calls as conversions. Our advanced call tracking solutions allow you to optimise your marketing campaigns more effectively and close the loop between calls and marketing spend


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